Your love, our passion

one love stories

Your love, our passion

one love stories

“It is not enough to love, you also have to be able to take this love in your hands and carry it throughout your life.”


Our realizations


Beautiful, atmospheric industrial decor and an even better young couple! July 11, 2020.


Wedding in November? As it turns out, it can be beautiful and colorful. November 16, 2019.

How do we create?

We combine modern with what is important. This is probably the best expression of how our productions stand out. A beautiful-looking film is obvious, but let’s not forget about the emotions. About what he creates, this beautiful, special day.

Our young couples are always touched when they receive films. For us, it is the best proof that we are doing it well.

What do we create?

Spectacular music videos full of emotions

A short, several-minute-long wedding video is a collection of the most beautiful and most important moments. Carefully thought out and arranged so that for everyone present on this day, the film will be an amazing experience.


Standard 30/45/60min. Also possible for 90-120 minutes. A longer movie shows all important events and games with full content.

Greetings for patents/guests

A film prepared especially for the presentation on the wedding day. The perfect gift for parents or a surprise for guests.
Possibility of creating a wide variety of forms.

Outdoor sessions

Sessions created on a separate date from the wedding day. They are treated as an addition to the music video / reportage. This type of shots allows you to create an even more beautiful movie. We create both engagement and wedding sessions.



If you have additional questions or would like to inquire about an available date – we are at your disposal.